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I've attached 2 screenshots from our honey record sheets in 2015.  The WJurke yard shows a snapshot on August 4 of the amount of honey we stripped from hives in that yard on that particular day.  The Flanagan yard shows the honey that was stripped from hives that were started somewhere between the last week of July and the last week of August in 2015. 

Each time we strip honey from a yard, the scale records the date, the hive number and the net weight in kilograms (kgs) of honey removed from that hive.  (The tare weight including the number of boxes and bees is removed at the time the hive is stripped.) Further calculations like the total kgs the hive produced in the year, the number of times they were stripped, the yard average and the percentage of yard average are calculated later.  (The number of times stripped will weed out the dinks that were requeened and hives that were started during the season so that we only use the yard average of the best producing hives to find breeders.)

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